Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tabbi rocks!

It's funny how my kids have always been rock hounds, but I've never had much interest!  Today Tabbi picked out her 10 favorite rocks and told me why they are her favorites.
1. It's shaped like a robin's egg, so I colored it blue like a robin's egg.  (with a crayon! lol)
2. It's shiny and smooth and the color is swirly.  It looks like sand under the shine.
3. My most favorite of all.  It fits right in my hand.  It has lines (layers).
4. It's sparkly, has patches of different colors.
5. It looks like gold. (it's a piece of fool's gold)
6. It's shaped like a triangle with a cow's head carved in it.
7. It has a different cow's head carved in it.
8. The color looks like it's cracked and has a skunk carved in it.
9. It looks like a tiger so I call it a tiger rock.
10. It's sparkly and it's all white except for a big black spot.

So there you have it!  I guess those are good reasons to have a rock collection!

We also borrowed a couple of rock collections to look at.  This one belongs to Tabbi's brother, Nathanael.  He has some very interesting and different looking specimens, including, geodes, crystal, amethyst, turquesite, a sharks tooth and a fossil!
And these are some Native American artifacts that belong to my father.  He has a large collection of arrowheads.  The large stone on the right is a hide scraper.  The collection he has all came from my great grandfather's farm.  When they started to till the ground, they turned up many, many Native American artifacts.


  1. Looks great! Love all her descriptive labels!

    Thanks for sharing with the OHC.

  2. Great collection. I think #9 the tiger rock is my favorite.