Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild Flowers

 This month we have been studying Wild Flowers. (Check out the "Handbook of Nature Study" blog!)  First of all we have several spring flowers that are small and white, so we took pictures of the blossoms, and of the leaves, so we could learn to tell the difference.  Some of the ones we found were:

Spring Beauty

Wood Anemone


And Strawberry
We also found Yarrow,


And Speedwell.
This Dame's Rocket we found while we were at campmeeting.
And of course the common Dandelion.  We love Dandelion.  They are a great source of nutrition.  Our favorite spring time dish is Dandelion loaf!
This flower looks similar to the Dandelion.  But it is called Yellow Goat's Beard.  It even makes the white puff ball like the Dandelion, but much larger.  We see lots of them by the side of the road here in Wisconsin.
This one is another small flower called Bluets.

And we found a whole field full of these orange and yellow Hawkweed.
Wildflowers are something that we have always had lots of interest in, so we know a lot of the flowers of our area already. We just had lots of fun looking for flowers and trying to be the first to identify them.

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