Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Common Redpoll

Saturday morning Tabbi spotted this bird under the feeder.  At first we thought it was a sparrow, but it was acting rather oddly.  It just sat there with it's head turned back and tucked into it's feathers.  I was afraid the cat or dog would get it, so I went out to check on it.  It jumped up on the feeder and I was able to get a really nice close up photo of it.  We found out that it is a female Common Redpoll.  It's the first time we have ever seen one!  And she was very friendly! She hung around at the feeder all day.  Sunday morning we looked out the window to check on her and see if she was still around.  She was... and she brought her mate!  So we got to see a male, too!  So awesome!

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