Monday, March 25, 2013

Mushrooms, Lichen and Moss

Since THIS is what our yard looks like right now, we had to do some improvising in order to do our Outdoor Hour Challenge this month.  We are studying mushrooms, lichen and moss.  So...
 We bought some portabellas at the grocery store so we could study the parts.

 And they had the added benefit of being able to EAT them when we were done! :D

We also looked up some pictures that we had taken on previous occasions and looked at those.  Here are a few...

 We even have a picture of a fairy ring we found in our front yard once.  It wasn't the most perfect ring, but it has a fairy!
And today we went outside to look at the lichen on the trees, and found we have moss, too!
We found this little piece of lichen in a hole in the snow.


Tabbi also worked on this workbook from the American Mushroom Institute.  She really enjoyed the study, especially because mushrooms are one of her favorite foods!


  1. Great job improvising on this month's topic...learning the parts is a perfect indoor study in preparation for future mushroom hunts. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing all you did with the OHC Carnival.

  2. I love the picture of your daughter and the giant mushrooms ... reminds me of one I have of myself from when I was her age. I must dig it out! :)
    Thank you for sharing the link to the American Mushroom Institute. I'll have to check out the workbook. :)

    1. Thanks Eva! We enjoyed the workbook and learned a lot from it.

  3. Wonderful study. We were still under snow for most of the month, too! Thanks for the pdf link--who knew there was an American Mushroom Institute!

  4. We made the connection with fairies, too, in our nature preschool group. Lovely fairy ring and hug mushrooms with your daughter! I've been watching the morel progression--almost here!